Our Services

Omega Engineering Sdn. Bhd., engages in primarily contracting cabling works.

*Consultation and Designing Cabling Systems*
*Supply and Installation of Cables and Cable Accessories*
*Testing and Commissioning of Cable System*

Consultation and Designing Cabling Systems

At Omega Engineering Sdn Bhd., we provide consultation to owners, owners engineers or consultants during design, costing and construction of cabling system assuring by providing current carrying capacity, earth fault current limits, bending radius of cables and the electrical field stresses of the conductor screen & the insulation or core screen.

Supply and Installation of Cables and Cable Accessories

Omega Engineering Sdn Bhd, carries out supply of power and control cables from 240V to 500kV (underground or conductors). Installations of cables are carried out by own expertise. Supply and installation of cable accessories such as terminations, joints, outdoor sealing ends and GIS terminations including link boxes and enclosures of various types are also the prime activities of Omega Engineering Sdn Bhd.

Testing and Commissioning of Cable System

Cable testing (meggering) for cables prior to installation inside provided ducting, on cable ladders or by means of excavation into earth is mandatory to assure condition of cables manufactured and delivered to work site. Cable testing (meggering) after cable installation and after cable accessories installation are mandatory. At Omega Engineering Sdn Bhd we provide insulation test, Hi-pot (pressure) Test, core test and sheath voltage-limiting test as part of preparation of cabling system prior to commission. We do provide competent engineers or service engineer upon request by clients for these activities.

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